Influence maker and content creator through the coverage of the major cultural events since 2009,
Say Who has put its expertise to the benefit of the Fashion, Luxury and Art industries.
Say Who acts as a media, an agency and a creative studio to create their marketing campaigns and engage their key communities.

Say Who media offers a panorama of the personalities who shape today's cultural and artistic scenes. Say Who covers the cultural life and events, and highlights its leading figures as well as the places that host them, while always making sure to bring a high-standard, relevant and artistic perspective. We work closely with brands and institutions which identities correspond to our vision and values. With our experience in the media industry and our broad network of influence, we can work with you to develop content and communication programmes in line with your needs.
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Say Who agency creates inspiring and engaging campaigns to support the strategic positioning and business of luxury / lifestyle brands. Thanks to our unique network of digital influencers and creative ideas, Say Who brings together key audiences and boosts the influence potential of each of its campaigns.

Our services:
- PR and influencers campaigns
- E-influence
- Media negociations
- Events
- Brand content curation
- Seeding
- Advertising & sponsorships
- Copywriting
Say who studio intervenes on the creative and strategic conception of influence marketing campaigns. It also develops content for any media or digital plarform relative to each project (photos / videos...). The studio is in charge of brand content campaigns designed to support the brand's strategy. Say Who relies on its expertise as a media to develop the best editorial plan for its campaigns, taking into account the brand's media ecosystem (digital, social networks, owned media).

Our services:
- Creative & art direction (digital / media / event)
- Editorial content
- Copywriting & Story-telling
- Tailored media content :
  - Photo : coverage / shoot...
  - Video : editorial stories, event reports, documentaries, web series